I do not charge anything for looking at someone's Mac, iPad, iPhone.
If I can't help you… there is no charge.

My standard fee is $50 an hour…
Have all your questions ready at appointment time.

For folks that I have no money… call or email me.

I cannot fix broken glass screens on iPhones and iPads…
I have links on the first page of folks that do.

If your Macintosh is 2013 or newer and needs hardware repairs…
I recommend Ten Plus Systems in Raleigh.
Their link is on my first page.

I am limited to what I can do with my hands… but I can show you how to upgrade your Mac…
(if it's upgradable… some of the newer ones are not.)

$75 to erase and reload Mac Operating System.
$75 to migrate files from backup.

For data recovery… I do not charge anything… if I don't recover anything.
If I do recover data… my fee is $225 + $50 an hour after the first hour.

I've been doing Mac tech work for 25+ years.
I'm available most afternoons after 1:00 PM… John

JR 10-16-16