If you are ever worried about malware or viruses on your Apple computer…
Apple products come with its own virus program named Xprotect…
It runs in the background and updates itself.
If you would like to check it, there is a free piece of software called SilentKnight.

Here is a link to more free tools that will protect you…

And make sure that UPnP is not turned on your router…
Default it's usually off… So you don't have to change anything.
And if you want less tracking while on the Internet go to your wi-Fi settings, they are located under the Apple menu under system, preferences/settings..look for details/advanced.
Then click on the left side for DNS.
Change it to manual and click on the +… on the left side of the screen for the server
These instructions are for Mac OS Sonoma… for Older systems it's slightly different.

You can also turn on your Apple firewall in System settings/preferences look for security… Click on firewall.

Don't click on any links… in email or text messages.

If you think you have a malware/virus run this app first.
Use the free version